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Since Studio 5.1. Mixer Window Positions and Effect bar not saved anymore?

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2020 7:58 am
by patriccremer
I know it is not a huuuge problem, but in my workflow I still find it disturbing that the window positions are not saved anymore since the last update..

I work on two monitors and normally it was always reopening my projects with the mixer on the right screen and timeline on the left. It worked for a long time that the program also memorized that I prefer to edit events on full screen on the right monitor, but now it alwways restarts with the tiny setting, replacing the mixer.. Also now I suddenly have to readjust (roll up) the Bus send Effects again each time I load the template.. Also when saved with the right window positions, it resets them at restart..
Is anyone else missing the program working like before?
Is there any setting that I don't know of, to have all positions saved properly and it will display everything as in the state when I saved the song?

Thanks for any hints,