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Disable scales mode on Atom Pad ? = Studio One software issue

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 2:55 pm
by edmisik
Am posting here because this is a S1 software issue and because <for some reason> I am unable to create a new post in the Atom forum

As the title suggests I would like to be able to disable scales mode on the Atom pad and revert to how things were before the "upgrade"..Is this possible? Also would be really nice if scales mode and scale selection was more accessible and it at least included all the popular scales and modes,

Why? Because it renders scale mode in the much more useful scale mode in Komplete Kontrol useless if trying to play on Atom Pad (dont yet know what it does to Scaler 2 but I;m betting nothing good). So you have to turn off scales mode in KK and then try and match the scale to what you want in the Atom settings (if it is even available). Changing setup from drum mode to keyboard mode doesnt solve. There are some things I wish to play on a pad rather than keyboard.

IN the old way, if you played a Kontact/Komplete Kontrol instrument set in say the popular Lydian Mode (which Atom scales doesnt do), the pads would light up properly and colour coding is right. Ditto for Pentatonics, NOw? It's all been ruined