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Dearest community,

here's Studio One 5.1.0 (build 61423).


Release Notes

New features and improvements:

Recording and Mixing
  • Retrospective Recording
  • Track/Channel search and filter options
  • Bypass option for Gain Envelopes
  • Drag & drop send chains
Arrangement and Editing
  • Improved presentation of Global Tracks
  • Secondary Timeline Ruler option
  • New combined Signature Track (time and key signature changes)
  • Transfer key signature events using ARA
  • Global Tracks in Editors (Marker, Arranger, Chords, Signature)
  • Score Printing
  • Score View: Key Signature Changes
  • Score View: Staff Presets
  • Score View: Staff Settings
  • Score View: Alternative views
  • Score View: Noteheads selection
  • [Impact XT] Colorized events in Pattern Editor
Live Performance
  • Edit indicator for Patches
  • External instrument support for Patches
Plug-ins and Instruments
  • [Ampire and Pedalboard] New Compressor and Gate FX pedals
  • Drag & Drop FX pedals between Ampire and Pedalboard
  • [Start Page] Search function for songs, projects, and shows
  • [Project Page] Digital Release never adds a 2-second pause
Improved ATOM integration
  • 4 Banks of assignable Encoders
  • 4 Banks of assignable Pad Commands
  • Scales in keyboard mode
  • Open Note FX editor option
  • Replace instrument option
  • Alternative views for Instrument Rack
  • [macOS] Switchable hardware graphics acceleration
  • [Windows] High-DPI scaling option re-enabled
  • [Windows] Improved user experience with consumer-grade non-ASIO audio devices

The following issues have been fixed:

  • [Windows] flickering play cursor at 175% scaling
  • [Windows] Irregular grid lines at 125%, 150% and 175% scaling
  • [macOS] Note event vs. audio timing off grid at high buffer settings
  • [macOS HiSierra] When pinning Soothe 2, all other plug-in windows are stalled
  • [macOS] Graphical performance degrades when scrolling collapsed folder
  • [macOS] No redrawing of icons when switching resolution
  • [macOS] Text not clipped in browser tile
  • [macOS] Unwanted wrapping in certain text boxes
  • [macOS] Laggy graphics with certain 3rd party plug-ins
  • [Browser] Can't delete certain custom folders
  • [Browser] Crash on expanding certain track folders
  • [Browser] Selecting multiple items in Tree View doesn't work on first click w/ Shift
  • [Mixer] Monitoring live input from bus no longer possible
  • [Mixer] Multi Instrument primary/master channel name is not retained
  • [Mixer] Pipeline XT not passing audio when inserted to Listen Bus
  • [Mixer] Solo safe in aux channels forces realtime render when bouncing a virtual instrument track
  • [Mixer] Keyboard shortcut "add gain trim" always opens 1st insert slot
  • [Presence XT Editor] Decimal shift when entering tune values
  • [Presence XT Editor] Wrong conversion when entering negative 'Tune' values
  • [AutoFilter] Leftover TODO tooltip
  • [Impact XT] Sample offset settings are not recalled
  • [Exchange] .ioconfig "installs" to default "Download" folder
  • [Note FX] Arpeggiator chokes up in certain situations
  • Audio miscalculation on extreme tempo edits
  • Audition is suspended too early on recording with Auto Punch
  • Automation may migrate to a different track
  • Can't create audio track above a folder track via drag and drop
  • Can't duplicate a transformed Instrument Track
  • Certain original audio cannot be dragged into arrangement
  • Delay compensation / latency not updated unless the plugin is reset manually
  • Duplicating automation sometimes not working properly
  • Event text position is odd on high vertical zoom levels
  • Export mixdown is longer than loop range when an AUX channel is present
  • Graphic ghost and font space issue when event badges are disabled
  • In Step Recording mode, cursor does not advance after input notes when the Tempo Track contains nodes
  • Last track in the Arrangement cannot be resized if it has been minimized
  • Listen bus metering options are following audio track metering options
  • Misc 3rd party plug-in window resize issues (Kilohearts, Melda Productions, Waves...)
  • Noise when loading a song w/ Ampire when Dropout Protection is set to Maximum
  • Open folder range selection disappears on copy/paste command
  • Potential crash when editing audio bend markers
  • Second external device plugged-in is not auto-detected sometimes
  • Context menu reacts differently to mouse clicks on macOS and Windows
  • "Stop at Marker" is being ignored in certain situations
  • Unwanted behavior when copying sections w/ enclosed automation
  • Updating an Instrument+FX Preset creates .preset file instead of .instrument


Tom Scheutzlich
QA Lead, PreSonus Software Ltd, Hamburg, Germany
MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) i9 2,3 GHz 8-core + MacBook Air (13-inch, mid-2011) i5 1,6 GHz 2-core / Apple 27" thunderbolt display (2560 x 1440) / macOS 10.13 / 10.14 / 10.15 / 11 Beta Path / PreSonus ioStation24c / PS-49 / Studio 6|8 / misc external gear & vintage junk / too many 3rd party plug-ins
some audible fun stuff: https://soundcloud.com/317wurst/tracks

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