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I have a Korg nanoKontrol Studio and it works perfectly when you pretend that it's a Mackie device.

It has 8 channels (each with a fader, pan knob, solo, mute, record, and select buttons). There are two "Track" buttons that shift the mapping 8 tracks left or right. So, for example, control channels 1-8 will by default map to tracks 1-8 in the DAW. Press the Track Right button and the control channels will map to tracks 9-16 in the DAW. If there are less than 16 channels then the mapping will right-justify, so if there are 13 tracks and I press Track Right, control channels 1-8 will map to tracks 6-13 in the DAW.

All well and good.

The problem is that there appears to be no visualisation of this in Studio One. I can't tell which channels are mapped to which tracks.at any point in time. This means that I'm constantly paranoid about it and have to press the Track Left button a few times to make sure it reverts to 1-8 before pressing the Track Right button the required number of times to get it to the mapping I want.

I've attached a screenshot of Waveform. You can see the red markers to the left of each track that shows which 8 tracks are currently mapped to the control surface channels.

Is there any option somewhere I can switch on for this?

Waveform tracks marker.jpg

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