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Dear Studio One Users,

the summer comes to an end and it is time to make some tunes again. This maintainance update is ready for it. Enjoy it!
Please also make sure that your 3rd party plug-ins are updated to the most recent version.


Version 5.0.2 Release Notes (September 1, 2020):

New features and improvements:
● Podcast template now compatible with Studio One Prime

The following issues have been fixed:
● Waveforms not updated correctly while
- editing logarithmic and exponential fades
- applying clip gain envelopes on bent audio
● Many clip gain envelope edits will cause the user interface to become sluggish
● Potential crash on closing a song
● Notes in "Mix" record mode are overwritten in certain situations
● Parts are split on overdub
● [Impact XT] Eco Filter may cause ‘666’ errors on the console

Ari Ahrendt - Quality Assurance Specialist
PreSonus Software Ltd. - Hamburg

Modern electronic Synth Pop........../..........Musicproduction, Support & coaching

Windows 10 64-Bit, i7 6700k 4.0 GHz, 16GB RAM, 4TB SSD, Studio One 5 Professional

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