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Studio One 5.0.1 is online!

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 9:21 am
by AriAhrendt
Dear Studio One Users,

after the launch of the great major 5 Upgrade here comes the first maintainance update for you with fixes and improvements.
With this version we also release the Studio One 5 demo and Prime!

Have a great summer time so good as possible under these strange circumstances. And have fun with this update!

Version 5.0.1 Release Notes (August 11, 2020):

New features and improvements:
● Studio One Prime and Demo versions are now available
● [Browser] External instruments can now be searched from home tab
● [Atom SQ] Editor type can now be changed from device
● [Atom SQ] Added touch strip Control Link mode
● Automation on folder track now follows editing

The following issues have been fixed:
● [macOS] Crash with certain animations while editing
● [macOS] User interface redraws incompletely in certain situations
● [macOS] NI Komplete Kontrol: frozen metering in mixer mode
● [macOS] Memory leak on playing certain loops
● [Windows] System high DPI override setting not working

● [Project Page] Update mastering file updates waveform but not playback until project closed and reopened
● [Project Page] Spectrum Meter Sonogram time axis is scaled differently after changing speeds
● [Mixer Scenes] Recall misses sends pre/post switch
● [Mixer Scenes] VCA levels are not reset correctly
● [Mixer Scenes] Automation connection lost when switching scenes
● [Show Page] Potential crash when switching fast among multiple setlist items
● [Show Page] Plug-in windows open outside of screen in templates
● [Score Editor] Unwanted modification on changing instrument part length
● [Score Editor] Potential crash when editing quickly
● [Score Editor] Potential freeze on loading large projects
● [Score Editor] Potential crash when resizing notes events
● [Score Editor] Copying certain notes while Chord Track is active changes the entire instrument part

● [Melodyne Integration] Potential crash on opening a shared song with Melodyne 4.x edits
● [Melodyne Integration] Potential crash on editor state change
● [FaderPort Classic] Hitting "Proj" won't open Editor
● [Atom SQ] Wrong bank indication for steps while in Pattern Editor
● [Atom SQ] Misc. incorrect button LED states under certain conditions
● [Tempo Track] Unwanted tempo nodes are added when copying to/from Scratch Pad

● [Analog Delay] Time parameter is not synced
● [Pro EQ²] Wrong latency reported when LLC is enabled
● [Pro EQ²] Micro view doesn't update from macro control changes
● [Pro EQ²] High and low pass on/off doesn't update curve in UI
● [Batch Converter] Potential crash when pasting data from Pool
● [Multiband Dynamics] Undo is not working entirely
● [Performance Monitor] Window disappears behind Editors
● [Pattern Editor] Play cursor jumps out of loop area
● [Ampire] Noisy click on instantiation in certain setups
● [Ampire] Switching mono/stereo mutes amp reverb
● [SampleOne] UI controls don't activate when loading or removing sample

● [Note Editor] Notes not selected due to lost focus
● [Note Editor] Scroll bars disappear in certain situations
● [PreSonus Sphere] New add-ons fail activation in certain cases
● Negative track delay playback inconsistent
● Crash on dragging multiple external instruments to the arrangement
● Graphical glitches in audio waveform representation
● Wrong audio played back after relocating in Pool
● Potential crash on enabling tracks
● Record arm won't toggle via key command when folder is assigned to bus
● Unwanted tempo nodes added when copying arranger section to/from Scratch Pad
● First notes of external devices are played too early at high buffer settings
● "Insert Selected Item" command doesn't work on External Instruments
● Automation of instrument delay parameters causes high CPU load
● Drop-outs when using multiple Multi Instruments
● Potential crash when removing VST3 FX plug-in with active event input