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Just got an Allen&Heath MixWizard4 16:2 -- I bought the USB Card
Already Own Studio One Professional.

Has anyone out there successfully made this connection. I cannot record and guess I am missing something simple.

Can anyone give me a hand?

Joe the Drummer
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by Rangersam on Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:45 pm
I have one of the 'ZED' series mixers. I had no intention of using the USB option on the mixer, but I tried it out. Found it to be underwhelming. At a standard mix level, the output to the USB was REALLY LOW in level. Also, couldn't get ASIO drivers for it.

I hope you have better success with this unit. I notice from a little research that there seems to be good driver support for this unit. Hope it works well. Be advised that USB audio devices rely heavily on the USB configuration in your computer. Issues can arise if you have other high bandwidth devices on the USB, such as a HDD. Have also heard of issues if you have your mouse on the USB, but these were all a long time ago, and may no longer be relevant. Sometimes the best option is to use a USB PCIe card, and use it only for the audio interface. That will certainly give you full bandwidth to prevent any dropout or freeze issues. Good luck.

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