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Recently upgraded to while studio one the DAW was open. The file extracted i replaced it in applications file, I then restarted Studio One and there was no sound. I tried opening other saved song files and no sound, i mean no sound. The tracks are not muted, i checked the computers volume control i even opened itunes and played songs from my desktop while studio one tracks are supposed to playing. there is no sound from studio one
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by FinalSaga on Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:36 pm
Hey Dru

It could be that S1 got a bit of amnesia and forgot the soundcard
I would check if it is all set up as it should in your Studio one Audio setup

With your session open, look into:
Studio One > Options > Audio Setup ( check here if the right sound card is chosen) Then right there lower left, click 'Song Setup' then 'Audio I/O setup' and
set up your inputs and outputs as you would like them to be
Hope this helps


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