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I start a new project and loaded in some songs, but some song won't load in! I keep getting a "missing file" message!!

Any ideas?

It is not just one song but many. Some will load in others won't.

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by scottyo7 on Sun Nov 23, 2014 5:46 am
When you say "Project" that is the 'mastering' page... "Project" is at the top-right, next to "Song".
I see no reason why this would happen if you've already been working on the song in the "song" page.

If you're indeed on the "Project" page don't drag... try this... go to the menu, select 'Project' then select 'Import File', then select the "Studio One Song" file you want to work with.

If you mean dragging files into a new "Song" then it may be that you've renamed or moved files that were previously used by the song and now S1 can't find them. If this happens a dialogue box pops up with the missing file name and allow you to search via the 'Windows Folder Explorer'.

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by matthewgorman on Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:55 pm
I'll take a stab. My assumption is that you had some files on external media (cd, usb stick, etc). You opened a new project and dragged them in from there. Maybe did some work on it, closed the project, and removed the external media?

If thats true, you need to re-insert the media where it was, reopen the project and make sure S1 can see all the files. Then go to the browser/pool tab, rt click in the pool, and select "copy external files". That will copy the files to the project folder and you will not need to have the external media attached anymore.

For reference, whenever you drag any file into a song or project, S1 will reference that file in place, and you need to tell S1 to consolidate into the project folder by what I described above. There is also asetting in global preferences to ask to copy media when closing S1 to avoid this in the future. Or, you can inport the audio via the file menu to also make sure everything is consolidated.


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