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Hi All,

One thing I'm really missing from Reaper is track templates.

I didn't even do all that much with them aside from setting up a few that I used regularly during the recording process.

Example: I had a template setup for my typical amp sim record chain which was amp sim -> console 1 and most importantly the proper input already selected and record armed with monitoring on. This was easily accesible with a right click in the track control panel (and i had it set to a shortcut button as well).

Want to record a new guitar track with that amp sim... 1 click of the shortcut button and ready to go. Currently with S1 i need to drag amp sim to new track, drag console 1 over, set colour, change input. When I get into a flow recording guitar parts I find that it's really slowing me down compared to reap.

Is there a way to have a few different templates setup in S1 that have different inputs setup or do you need to add the track, and then select the input?

Is something like this doable with workarounds at all? Any more word on track templates?
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by darrenporter1 on Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:53 am
Does the Import Song Data feature bring over the input channel for the imported track?

https://s1manual.presonus.com/Content/I ... ong%20data

Might be possible with a single macro click too... create track, set input, insert plugins, arm... not sitting in front of S1 to check if all those are available right now.

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