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Can someone please confirm or deny this is happening?

Load a Fat Channel compressor.
Load another compressor VST (not Fat Channel - I was using Console 1 or bx_opto)
Make sure both are actually compressing some signal
Watch the gain reduction meter in the Fat Channel compressor
Turn off the non-Fat Channel compressor
Notice the gain reduction meter in Fat Channel is reporting LESS gain reduction

I am led to assume the Fat Channel's compressor gain reduction meter is reporting the SUM of ALL compression on the channel instead of just its own. That is, it is just echoing the yellow "gain reduction" meter next to the channel's meter.

This was really throwing me last night and was annoying the heck out of me. I had to load two instances of a real VU meter before and after the Fat Channel to get a real sense of what was going on. If someone else can reproduce, I'll log it as a bug.

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