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Is there anywhere on this forum to submit suggestions, either for S1 or the forum itself?

It took an internet search for me to STUMBLE upon that section. It seems to be an unnecessary extra step to not only suggest features, but to vote them up for enough support for consideration. I wonder how many suggestions don't get submitted or voted up because of this.

A section on this forum would be much more accessible. A link to where suggestions should be made would help.

Any way, the initial thought that triggered this post is that it is inconvenient finding post that I've participated in. Most forums I visit have some type of indicator next to such post. Some even have indicators at the top of the forum when there's activity in a posts one has participated in. Others have the ability to "watch" threads. Am I missing something?

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by robertgray3 on Thu Jan 23, 2020 3:08 pm
You can subscribe to forums and topics here in the User Control Panel.

As for the Presonus Answers page, that's what they expect everyone to use and although it does work (some features I've had implemented with very few votes) it's kind of a mess as far as user experience goes lol. There's answers, rants, spam, and feature requests all jumbled together. Some feature requests have 6 or more duplicate threads there and tons of feature requests that show up even though they were Completed long ago. Because it's not really linked up with the system for tracking those requests it just seems that every once in a while someone from Support will login, notate like 30 issues at once, mark some as completed, then log out for a few months. I don't blame them, the system looks like it requires way more manual input than it ideally would.

TLDR: Yes Answers is for suggestions and no you aren't missing anything.
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My feature requests (every vote helps!)

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by darrenporter1 on Thu Jan 23, 2020 3:09 pm
The suggestions process works OK. I have actually had a couple of mine implemented even without a ton of votes. If the suggestion makes a lot of sense for all users, the developers don't just sit around and wait for it to get enough up-votes. The whole up-voting thing is there for suggestions that might only affect a subset of the users. I really prefer this system because leaving it up to a forum system is difficult to track, impossible to organize and is open to way too much drama.

As far as tracking forum posts, everything you are asking for is under the User Control Panel... Overview tab.

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by Tacman7 on Thu Jan 23, 2020 6:39 pm
Sometimes I get the results I'm looking for then see that this was for S1 v2 or something.

Some answers are still good though, you have to do your own fact checking.

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