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Studio One 4.6 is online!

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 10:24 am
by AriAhrendt
Dear Studio One users,

Next Generation best describes the new Studio One Version 4.6!
New Ampire, new guitar effects, new Pedalboard plug-in, new Studio One browser, new Pattern functionality, new Podcast template and Macro page, new commands and so much more.

Enjoy all the new features, plug-ins and improvements.
May this version lead you through a wonderful holiday season!


Version 4.6 Release Notes (December 10, 2019):

Please note: Studio One 4.6.x will be the final version supporting Windows 7 / 8 and
macOS 10.11 El Capitan / 10.12 Sierra.

New features and improvements:

● Ampire (3rd generation) – State Space Modeling Amp and FX Suite
- independent “Ampire XT Classics” Extension for backwards compatibility
● New Plug-in: Pedalboard
● [Browser] Updated user interface with new Gallery view options
● [Browser] Improved navigation
● [Browser] New dedicated Shop tab
● [Patterns] Support for variable note lengths in melodic and drum Patterns
● [Patterns] Delay parameter per step
● [Patterns] Improved realtime recording
● [Patterns] Independent saving and loading of Pattern Presets
● Convert Instrument Part to Pattern option

● New Podcast Production Song Template
● Custom Podcast Macro page
● Improved tempo-matching for loops
● Improved copy/paste editing of Arranger sections
● Automation bracket tool now also works for multi-selection
● Gallery view for Fat Channel XT EQs and compressors
● Increased mouse target for fades for cases when handles overlap
● [Audio Batch Converter] Extended ID tagging for compressed audio formats
● [Presence XT Editor] Realtime time-stretching support
● New commands:
- Select muted tracks
- Invert track selection
- Toggle “Range Tool in upper event area”
- Remove crossfades

The following issues have been fixed:

● Disabling loop while playback may cause audio drop-out
● Scope shows very high latency when inserted in input channel
● [Presence XT Editor] "Remove Zone" jumps to bottom of list
● [Presence XT Editor] Parameter area UI sometimes misses update
● Certain audio parts won't play w/ "Solo" mode time stretching
● Transport RTZ not locating in Scratch Pad from zoom state
● GUI lag when editing lots of audio slices

● Loading FX Chains post fader slots doesn't load macro controls
● Wrong ranges and time signature results when copying certain events to scratch pad
● Copy arranger part to scratch pad per shortcut loses content
● Copy to scratch pad sometimes ignores space between arranger events
● Touch automation doesn't continue correctly on loop jump
● Fader height in console view changes back to default

● Imported MIDI files that were exported from Studio One creates double start and end markers
● Chords on an audio event re-appear despite being removed
● Qwerty keyboard with French keyboard layout requires shift for black keys
● Certain "Pinned" songs are not remembered after restart
● Video Offset barely legible in Light Scheme
● [Pattern Editor] Context menu command for half resolution missing.
● [Editor] Tooltips pop up on blank GUI
● Renaming song with "..." at the end causes error

● Potential crash when moving a track when other tracks are hidden
● "Automation - Next / Previous Parameter" doesn't work for multiple tracks
● Unwanted scrolling on double-clicking event when Editor is synced to arrangement
● Notes get shifted when applying "Delete Time" on tempo followed track
● Unwanted vertical shrinking of Drum Editor on "zoom to fit"
● EQ section of Open Air has no function
● [Pipeline] Crash on selecting "Assign in ascending order" when inserted on FX channel
● Chord track doesn't move with arranger sections on replace
● Time stretching with a fixed factor doesn't work when “follow chords” is active
● Music editor snap setting always defaults to Quantize