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I want to be able to edit MIDI files created by a pipe organ MIDI sequencer using StudioOne.
Using the file explorer I am able to find the file I want to work with and import it into StuidoOne.
I can see the file and all the MIDI activity, but I can't see how to see the separate channel information. These files are created using about 9 channels of MIDI data all recorded in sync with each other. At this stage I don't particularly need to be able to split and see each channel.
What I do need to do though, is to split up a single long MIDI file (say an hour) into individual songs.
I can see where I need to select and cut, but the file it creates when create a new project with just the selected section and then export as MIDI has everything on a single MIDI channel.

What do I need to understand to work through this?
Do I need to import with some different setting?
Do I somehow need to get StudioOne to open it up into individual channels?
Do I need to do something different at export to get all of the channels?

Thanks for taking a look and having a think.
I hope someone knows what to suggest.

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by Jemusic on Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:56 am
You may want to read this thread.


Studio One does not import and split actual type 0 files.

As far as exporting sections of midi data you can do this. First cut the longer file into smaller sections using the cut tool. Make sure no notes are going over the cuts as well. Right click on a section and select Export Selection. A dialogue will come up where you can name the section and choose a location. Click Save. You will find now when you import that exported file, it will only be the section you cut and separated.

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by Nip on Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:07 am
The real question might be - why isn't StudioOne having split key command for midi channel as it has for notes. As I recall you can get different notes on different tracks, like from a drumtrack so each kit part separates.

That would solve anything strange during import not separating - just split with a key command to different tracks.

Cubase allow this elegantly as setting midi channels to "any" and it plays back with different midi channels - not forcing everything to one midi channel like if you set to channel 1-16. Set to "any" and it plays as recorded.

Or I just didn't understand the split thingy in config of external gear?

As I do organ upper, lower and pedal to midi channels 1-3.
Having Keyboard to split - and using three tracks - I can record and play back each channel.

But if I conveniently just record on one track - it can never be separated again.

So a key command Explode midi channels to tracks - as there is one for Explode pitches to tracks - how sweet that would be. It would solve inconveniences with import in a flash as well.

As a note - would be awesome in Notion as well - various split features like this, and also split any midi track onto two staves like grand piano - not only on import. The very reason I don't use Notion at all. Sonar Staff View do this in no time at any time - just set split note and you get grand staff.

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by PreSonuSupt4 on Tue Nov 05, 2019 6:52 am
Studio One splits both Type 0 and Type 1 MIDI files to separate tracks on import. If your MIDI file is not doing that we would suspect that something is wrong with it, like every part is on the same MIDI channel or something.

Attach the MIDI file here so we all can see it.
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by Nip on Tue Nov 05, 2019 7:42 am
Still - how wrong can it be if Reaper can read it as OP stated.
All info on the case must be used to track what is wrong - hardly all is same channel - it would affect Reaper too.
Seems StudioOne is particular how it should look.

I have strange behavior with a file that plays fine in StudioOne - but extract to chord track stops at a certain point - not the full file will be handled.

Notion gets all confused by this file too(filed bugreport on Notion forum at christmas) - but works in all aspects in Sonar, Reaper and Cubase. In staff view in Sonar as well as Score editor Cubase. Notion completely loose track what is going on in a certain bar and a couple of places through this is repeated.

This was once several midi clips then merged - not sure which daw it was. So something is a bit different - but still nothing wrong with it per se.

So there is room for improvement in StudioOne - that you can make a midi file be interpreted correctly could be a narrow scope of what is to be expected.

Long story short - it need not be anything wrong with OP's midi file - just that StudioOne is particular how it should be done. When something is unexpected a fallback to continue must be there.

A midi list editor would be nice in the future - and could show how StudioOne interpret things - and assist in a workaround when something goes wrong. Without using support tickets. Hoping for v5.x....

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by PreSonuSupt4 on Tue Nov 05, 2019 7:47 am
I think you may have missed my point:

1. Every correctly exported Type 0 midi file I have seen splits correctly by channel in Studio One.
2. His doesn't for some as of yet unknown reason.
3. The most logical path is to get that file and try to determine why that is.

There's nothing there to disagree about really. I was only saying he should post the MIDI file so someone here can try to determine why it's not splitting by channel on import. Or not, if he doesn't care about it anymore.
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by daveramey on Wed Feb 12, 2020 6:02 am
PreSonuSupt4 wroteStudio One splits both Type 0 and Type 1 MIDI files to separate tracks on import. If your MIDI file is not doing that we would suspect that something is wrong with it, like every part is on the same MIDI channel or something.

Attach the MIDI file here so we all can see it.

I'm not able to import a MIDI file into Studio One 4.6 at all.

I've tried to drag'n'drop the file into the Studio One Song browser, I've tried using Song/Import in a new Song project and the dialog that pops up doesn't even show MIDI type files to be able to import. I've tried to drag'n'drop the MIDI file into a new opened Song project, nothing but a circle-slash no go sign.

Is my MIDI file a bad file? Nope, it imports into Pro Tools 11 just fine, with all the separate tracks to include instrument names, and MIDI data.
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by daveramey on Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:27 am
Using Studio One 4.6, the only way I found that works to import a multi-instrument MIDI file is to put the MIDI file in a folder that Studio One can see in its Files section of the right-hand Browser. Then drag the MIDI file into the main Arranger section.

This should be addressed in a future update. Importing MIDI files from a Files menu have been a long standing feature in sequencers/DAWs. It takes an intentional omission to leave MIDI out of the Files import list. I do not understand why the developers would do that.

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by patrickbushaw on Thu Feb 13, 2020 2:43 pm
Using Studio One 4.6, I was able to import a multi-channel Type 1 midi file from Main menu > File > Open. The channels were placed into separate tracks (including the meta data tracks).

I converted the file to Midi Type Zero, and was able to open it w/all tracks individual in the arrangement view as well.

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