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Hi All, finally got around to upgrading to Version 4 (Professional)

Used ripple edit for the first time today and very perplexed by its behaviour.

I had an audio file, one track, which I split, moved the second half forward a tad (I realise I probably didn't need to do this but did it so I could see where I was going to place another file on the timeline).

Then turned on ripple edit and dragged a new audio file into the gap I'd created. It moved the second half of the audio file back in time, as it should BUT, when I switched ripple off, and dragged the start of the new file to the right, there was a 2 second or so "orphan" file under it, which was from the first audio file...meaning that at the end of the inserted audio the rest of audio one had a chunk missing from the its beginning, where it should have followed on from the edit.
Hope this all makes sense.

Anyway this happened a few times and in the end I had to abandon the use of ripple edit.

If it better describes what I was doing - the original audio file was the dialogue from a musical, and I was inserting the recorded songs from that musical into the timeline to shift the dialogue along.

So far then not very happy with Ripple behaviour, is it just me or is there some issue with this? Has anyone else experienced odd behaviour?

Also cannot find any reference to Ripple's full functionality in the manual - for instance I'd like to know whether one can ripple edit globally across all tracks, and whether one can force the marker track to follow the ripple. All these attributes are necessary if Ripple is to be really useful. For example one may insert an extra piece (lets say a drum fill for example) across a few tracks of a large arrangement, and one would want all the tracks to ripple to the right with that insert.

Any help and thoughts appreciated.


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by robertgray3 on Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:39 pm
Depending on what you hear on the forums (whether anyone knows/thinks this is right or not), you may want to contact Support about this.

I remember a few months ago it definitely had a few bugs, but I don’t use it and apparently nobody else really does either so I doubt anybody’s letting support know of the specific situations.

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