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Studio One 4.5, Windows. Working on a song with some MIDI and some audio. The piano is MIDI.

Audio track comping works great, I can see the colors of the individual layers in each selected section of the "comped" result, and the selected sections are also highlighted in the individual layers.

Further, I can "scroll" between layers with CTRL + MOUSEWHEEL. I hear there are also keyboard shortcuts that do the same thing.

All of that is really handy. But why doesn't it work the same way on MIDI tracks?

With a MIDI track, the individual chosen sections are color coded in the comped result, but the sections are not highlighted in the layers themselves. Since the colors are so "muted" in the layers, I really can't easily tell which layer is active. Any "shade" of red looks the same unless it's highlighted.

Further, the CTRL + MOUSEWHEEL scrolling to audition different layers in a particular section does not work.

Unless I am missing something, it seems that the designers made what for me is a very intuitive and efficient system for audio, but forgot to implement the same features for MIDI. Is the assumption that we will all render everything to audio before comping?
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by garyshepherd on Wed Oct 16, 2019 11:44 am
I have struggles with MIDI comping - it is far less easy than audio (which is not logical). I now do not layer MIDI as comping is inconsistent with what shows up in the Arrange window for a comped track. It is a bit weird unless I am missing something. When I used DP the call by users was always for MIDI takes (like audio) - but what we have in S1 is not really working that well. I have been editing MIDI since the 1980's so I am no newbie.

Of course someone may know better and can point to a way of doing this better?

Please note that I may express opinions that are different from yours but I do not intend to cause offence.
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by Bbd on Wed Oct 16, 2019 4:29 pm
I can comp MIDI instrument parts w/o issue. If the MIDI part is layered, I highlight just what I want to promote it to the track.
Agreed that it is not at the level of audio comping but it does the job well for comping multiple takes for me.


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