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Salut, Hallo, ¡Hola!

The Studio One 4 Reference Manual is now available in French, German and Spanish (in addition to English and Japanese).

To add the localized manual of your choice, please launch Studio One and go to "Studio One > Studio One Installation...". Select the Studio One Reference Manual language of your choice from the "Documentation" folder and click "Install".

If your Studio One computer isn't connected to the Internet, you may also download any of the available Reference Manual extensions from you MyPreSonus account. Check the "Extra Downloads > Owners Manuals" section. The extension file can then be copied to your Studio One computer and installed via drag&drop.

Please note: the contents of these additional languages are reflecting the Studio One 4.1 status. Updated versions with the current Studio One 4.5 content will be available in a few weeks.

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