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I just updated (deleted, renamed etc) my User FX chains in my Studio One/FX Chains folder. Upon reopening S1, I noticed the changes were reflected in my browser but not in my Console view (the upside down triangle next to 'Insert').

I then tried installing a copy folder of my user fx chains in my Program Files/Presonus/Studio One4/Presets/FX Chain and that not only NOT worked but for some reason seems to have caused all preset chains to appear in duplicate (once again this only from the console view; everything looks accurate from my Browser). Further, none of them work when clicked upon.

When doing a Windows search for specific user FX chains - to see where the heck they're hiding - it brings up nothing.

Obviously I could just use the browser to grab FX chains, but would prefer to use console.

Could someone explain to me what's up and possibly offer a solution?


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