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Dear Studio One Users,

this is the new version of Studio One with some of the most voted feature requests from users all over the world. Thank you very much for all of your input! We thank you with over 70 new features and improvements!

Have fun making music with Studio One 4.5!


Version 4.5.0 Release Notes (May 21, 2019): 

New features and Improvements:

Recording and Mixing
● Redesigned hardware controls (gain/polarity/48V) on mixer channels (for compatible PreSonus interfaces)
● Input Mixer: software gain / polarity controls on every input
● Software input gain / polarity controls on every channel, bus and FX channel
● Extended grouping system with attributes (Volume, Pan, Mute/Solo, Inserts/Sends)
● Groups definable as Edit- and/or Mix-Groups (with attributes)
● Commands/shortcuts to suspend any group
● Command to suspend all groups
● Support for unlimited nested groups (groups within groups)
● New Groups section in Track List and Channel List
● Optional group name display on channels with Group assign and renaming options
● Customizable Channel Components in Console
● RMS/Peak metering option per channel
● Global Pre-Fader Metering option
● Quick-assign I/O routing for multiple selected channels
● Quick-assign outputs in ascending order
● Basic and Advanced Plug-in menu styles
● Alternative (reverse) Sidechain routing
● Copy Plug-ins with Sidechain routing

Arrangement and Editing
● Lock Events (with position and editing options)
● Lock Tracks option
● Independent Quantize/Timebase/Snap options
● Snap to Zero Crossings

Musical (MIDI) Editing
● Chord Audition option in Chord Selector
● Chord Audition option for chord events in Chord Track
● User assignable Chord Audition sound
● New Major/Minor Triad scales
● Re-organized Musical Actions menu
● Stretch multiple notes by dragging
● Note Action: Apply Scale
● Note Action: Distribute Notes
● Note Action: Randomize Notes
● Note Action: Quantize Notes
● Note Action: Mirror Notes
● Note Action: Repeat Notes to Part End
● Note Action: Thin out Notes
● Note Action: Fill with Notes

● Independent Macro Toolbars for Arrangement, Music Editor and Audio Editor
● Macro Toolbar: custom menus
● Macro Toolbar: direct macro editing
● Macro Toolbar: Duplicate Macro command
● Macro Toolbar: “move to Group” command
● Impact XT: drag more than 16 samples or slices
● Patterns: support for Quintuplets / Septuplets resolution
● Improved swing timing for patterns with individual lanes resolution
● Stem Export: quick drag>select tracks/channels
● Stem Export: save selection when closing window
● Song Data Import retains “Disabled” track state when importing
● Fat Channel XT modules retain state when switching
● Instrument list: “disable all” option
● Instrument list: “remove unused” option
● Store Presets with folder selection
● Assignable F13-F24 keys
● Recall any Marker with shortcut
● One-step Audioloop export (drag&drop)

User Interface
● Smooth audio waveforms (option)
● Macro Toolbar icons update
● Sample One XT / Impact XT: improved unit readouts Performance
● Improved CPU performance with Multi Instruments
● Improved CPU performance with Mai Tai, Sample One XT, Impact XT and Presence XT Hardware and Installation
● I/O Setup: add multiple inputs or outputs
● I/O Setup: re-order inputs / outputs with drag & drop
● New Plug-in Manager with filters by format and vendor
● Plug-in Manager: list and reset blacklisted plug-ins individually

Import / Export
● Import / Export I/O Setups
● Video Export option with multiple codec support (platform-dependent)
● MP3 Export with variable bitrate
● AAC support (Import / Export), including ALAC (Apple Lossless)
● Mono option for Export Mixdown

● [VST3] Support for program pitch names and key switch API
● [VST2] Host-specific extension to query key switches from plug-ins

The following issues have been fixed:

● Text field may lose focus when search result is displayed
● Artifacts with volume automation
● Very short MP3 files cannot be imported
● Macro toolbar presets get lost if multiple songs are closed in a certain order
● Bounce in place inserts silence when there's an Open Air instance as EventFX
● VCA automation offset incorrect
● Click coordinate of pen is slightly off
● Potential lockup when using "Follow Chord"
● True Peak sometimes delivers wrong values
● [MacOS] Random order in file lists generated from APFS volume
● Mod wheel assigned to Sample One eco filter behaves unexpectedly
● NoteFX remain active after rendering with Chorder
● Track Transform does not retain VCA assignment
● Track/channel colors lost on transform multi-out instruments
● Some elements need more contrast in Light Theme
● Some time-stretched events in Scratch Pad play back incorrectly
● [Windows 7] Potential crash while applying Touch+Swipe on certain plug-ins
● Typos in AudioBox 1818VSL I/O labels

Ari Ahrendt - Quality Assurance Specialist
PreSonus Software Ltd. - Hamburg

Modern electronic Synth Pop........../..........Musicproduction, Support & coaching

Windows 10 64-Bit, i7 6700k 4.0 GHz, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Studio One 4 Professional 64-Bit

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