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PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra is now available from MyPresonus. This update includes the following preset fixes:

• key switch assignment in "Orchestral FX KS", "Orchestral Tuba", "Tenor Trombone", "Japanese Bowles", "Temple Blocks"
• sample mapping in "Harp FX", "Strings FX", "Trumpet FX", "Celli FX", "Brass FX", "Flute FX", "Orchestral FX KS",
• round robin volume inconsistencies in "Viola - Staccato"
• loop points to "Viola - Arpeggios" (major, minor, diminished)
• layer and release sample volume in "Viola Section": Staccato, Tremolo, Trill HS, WS
• wrong key switch removed in "Viola Section": Trill WS
• loop activated in "Viola Section": Arpeggio minor/major
• layer gain in "Big String Section - Staccato"
• sample start points in "Bass Section - Pizzicato", "Bass Section KS"

Since no automatic version check or update process for content is in place, the two affected Sound Sets need to be replaced manually. Here’s how:

From Studio One:

• Uninstall PSO Contemporary Strings.soundset and PSO Classic Orchestra.soundset via the Studio One Browser:
• Go to the browser file tab
• Open the Sound Sets folder in the root
• Locate the Sound Sets mentioned above
• Right-click on the Sound Sets and select “Uninstall"
• Install the new versions:
• In the application menu, select “Studio One Installation…”
• In “My Purchased Items” select the two new Sound Sets of the same name
• Click “Install"

Via web browser:

• Go to my.presonus.com and log into your MyPresonus account
• Go to My Products > Add-Ons
• Locate PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra and click “View more details”
• Download the two new Sound Sets (PSO Contemporary Strings and PSO Classic Orchestra)
• When download is complete, drag the new Sound Sets into the Studio One application window while running

IMPORTANT: updating the Sound Sets doesn’t update presets used in existing songs. If desired, these need to be reloaded within Presence XT in order for the changes to be applied.

Here's a link to PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra in the shop: https://shop.presonus.com/PreSonus-Symphonic-Orchestra

Arnd Kaiser - General Manager - PreSonus Software Ltd
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