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Dear Studio One Users,

it's springtime and here we are with a new maintainance update.
With hardware support of our new 64-channel mixer - The StudioLive 64S.

Have fun making music with Studio One 4.1.4!


Version 4.1.4 Release Notes (March 26, 2019):

New features and Improvements:

● Support for PreSonus StudioLive S-Series mixing consoles 
● [Browser] Added “Funk”, “Soul”, “Latin” tags to Style category 
● [Browser] Added “processed” and “riff” tags to Character category 

The following issues have been fixed:

● [DAW Mode] Moving the master fader turns all of the Main meter LEDs off momentarily 
● Incorrect transposition in certain cases when audio is time-stretched 
● [macOS Mojave] Studio One stuck at "Starting External Devices..." on launch while certain gear wasn’t connected 
● [macOS] Cmd+Drag won't remove plug-in 
● [Windows] Installer does not clear the factory templates folder 
● [MaiTai] On certain presets, switching Osc 1 to Sine stops audio 

● [Mixer] “Send” slot height resets when opening outputs pane 
● [Mixer] Changing the level meter scale won't refresh the side meter 
● [Mixer] Track focus is shifted when console view was closed and reopened 
● [Music Editor] Pitch selection doesn’t follow when moving notes 
● [Music Editor] Some bold grid lines are missing 
● [Music Editor] Notes w/ velocity value “0” can be entered but “1” will be played 
● [Music Editor] isn't updated correctly at certain zoom levels, events seem to disappear 
● [Ripple Edit] Moving parts upstream sometimes causes overlaps 
● [Tempo Track] Scrolling horizontally won't update tempo node label(s) at certain scroll speed 

● Freeze on enabling Chord Follow on Presence XT instruments w/ Key Switches 
● Arrangement scrolls away from current track when navigating automation nodes with arrow keys 
● Automation glitch when using 'Undo' command after 'Move to Cursor' 
● Audio track muted when use mute solo in certain combination 
● Focus of "New Song” dialog is lost when mixer is still open 
● Touch events are delayed on the mixer controls 
● CD-Text “Genre” field truncated on writing DDP 
● In certain song templates, “Volume” and “Mute” automation is not correctly localized 
● Audio outside the bend range is altered 

● Track delay is inverted when Melodyne is involved 
● Tool Tips and Info Texts not available on screen-sharing via 3rd-party apps 
● MIDI on/off issues (e. g. sustain pedal) when plug-in delay is higher than 120 ms 
● Certain songs with Sample One XT cannot be renamed 
● “Strip Silence” keeps unwanted parts 
● Inversions of 7th chords are not recognized 
● Musicloop import fails with multiple loops 
● Wrong note position when using pre-count in mix mode 
● Time signature is overwritten when drag’n dropped to destination bar 
● Potential crash when activating surround outputs in NI Kontakt 

Ari Ahrendt - Quality Assurance Specialist
PreSonus Software Ltd. - Hamburg

Modern electronic Synth Pop........../..........Musicproduction, Support & coaching

Windows 10 64-Bit, i7 6700k 4.0 GHz, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Studio One 4 Professional 64-Bit

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