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i'm trying to set up my MPK 225 to enable transport controls. I am even using the preset [ 8 - Studio 1 ] and still the "record" is not working... :/

any ideas on how to customize studio one to accept the controls?


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by niles on Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:07 am
For my MPK I use MMC (MIDI Machine Control) for the transport controls. The MPK225 should be able to use MMC too.
In the [devicename].surface.xml I've added (make sure Studio One is closed) this for the controls (MidiMessage status #3 is MMC) ...

Code: Select all
           <Control name="rewindButton" title="rewindButton" type="trigger" options="receive">
         <MidiMessage status="#3" address="#5"/>
      <Control name="ffButton" title="ffButton" type="trigger" options="receive">
         <MidiMessage status="#3" address="#4"/>
      <Control name="stopButton" title="stopButton" type="trigger" options="receive">
         <MidiMessage status="#3" address="#1"/>
      <Control name="playButton" title="playButton" type="trigger" options="receive">
         <MidiMessage status="#3" address="#2"/>
      <Control name="recordButton" title="recordButton" type="trigger" options="receive">
         <MidiMessage status="#3" address="#6"/>
...and this for the bindings to Studio One's transport panel.

Code: Select all
      <DeviceMapping device="TransportPanel">
         <Toggle control="playButton"         param="start"/>
         <Toggle control="stopButton"         param="stop"/>
         <Toggle control="recordButton"     param="record"/>
         <Toggle control="rewindButton"     param="rewind"/>
         <Toggle control="ffButton"         param="fastForward"/>
Of course you can also use CC messages, in that case you should adjust the MidiMessage status (#B0 or Controller) and addresses.

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