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Hi! I'm not above thinking I've inadvertently hit a macro or command that is causing this to act up, but I can't figure out what is going on here. Earlier today it was working fine but as of 25 minutes ago it just began being weird.

In Studio One 4 Professional when I record enable an Instrument Track with any VI (originally noted in Presence but discovered also in Kontakt, Mai Tai, and Analogue Lab) the instrument sounds fine.

However, once record and listen to playback, only the initial attack is played. I mean the INITIAL attack. Not even a pitch, but just what sounds like almost dead notes or muted strings despite how long the note is played for. I checked all my envelopes and there's nothing weird. I added sustain and put it to 1.00 and it works, but I don't want sustain. I want the notes to play as long as I hold them.

So I went back and checked past sessions and they appear to be fine. Everything recorded before this "glitch" began seems to be playing correctly. Everything recorded after is not playing correctly.

I've unplugged my midi controllers on playback, reset Studio One and the computer, and have loaded a bunch of different VIs and they all seem to be doing it. Some of the libraries are on externals, a few are on internals, there is no difference.

Help? I mean, I'm sure I did something stupid but cannot figure out what I did wrong. I have deadlines on some of these projects that creeping up and need to be able to record midi correctly and I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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by Jemusic on Mon Dec 17, 2018 5:00 pm
This can happen when you are recording double notes. i.e. the tracks is getting two midi notes instead of just one. Move one of the notes over and you might find another underneath.

If so you will have to find the cause eg two sources going to the one track at the same time.

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by ianaeillo on Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:14 pm
That's it! Thanks! I appreciate this a lot!
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by Tacman7 on Mon Dec 17, 2018 8:04 pm
Well S1 can create tiny little notes that start at the same time as the notes you want.
So they both hit at the same time, which is note on.
Then the tiny note ends and sends a note off message.
So you don't quite get a sound.

There's a command, remove notes maybe, somewhere in there, where you can set it to remove short notes.
I have to do that after recording some times but after doing that then it plays right.

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by jamesrutherford on Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:28 am

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