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Re: Studio One 4.1.1 official discussion thread

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:11 am
by torbjrnbergman
Jemusic wrote
torbjrnbergman wroteHow do you use a guitar synth (SynthAxe) with Studio One 4 ?

In Cubase you could choose the option "Any" and it would transmit all 6 channels correctly to a multitimbral synth like the Oberheim Xpander

Is this possible with Studio One 4 ?

Well you may be able to do this with Studio One.

Normally when you create an External device in Studio One such as a Keyboard all 16 Midi channels are selected there. I am thinking what may work here is you need to create 6 External Devices (keyboards) here but for each of them only select one midi channel e.g. channel 1 for the first one, channel 2 for the second etc..So all of them will have the name SynthAxe with a different midi channel in the title. e.g. SynthAxe Ch1, SynthAxe Ch2 etc..

You set up 6 Instrument tracks now and for each input source you select each of the SynthAxe external instruments except Track 1 will have Ch 1 etc track 2 ch 2 etc..

This ensures that each track only receives the midi channel it is suppose to (as opposed to all 6 channels at once when all 16 are selected) This I know works because I have 3 midi controllers all connected to Studio One on 3 sep midi channels. e.g. I can play two handed on two keyboards and record them separately.

The outputs from each track can feed a multi timbral instrument e.g. Kontakt. (also the same multi timbral instrument) When an instrument track feeds a multi timbral instrument a menu appears with a drop down allowing you to send on each channel.

To play this live you will need to input monitor all 6 tracks.

What Studio One cannot do is record 6 midi channels on one instrument track but it can record 6 different midi channels onto 6 tracks.

I tried it and it works great just like I remembered it in Cubase !
Just a bit cumbersome to setup but it does the job once you've done the setup !

Huge thanks you just saved me a lot of time !

Cheers !

Re: Studio One 4.1.1 official discussion thread

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 10:16 am
by Zimmerdylan
Hello: I am Mark William (Zimmerdylan). This is my first post here although I have been a visitor off and on for years. I am a professional composer, musician, and teacher. Music is my only profession. I have been a performer for more than 30 years. I have a Music Education Degree from Hartt School of Music (University of Hartford, 1996). My primary instrument is the guitar, and secondary is Piano.
I have been with Studio One from it's earliest days. And I have used it very effectively in my work. However, I am by no means a recording engineer, midi specialist, or a sound tech. I am very much a musician, not a technician. This is why Studio One appealed to me in the beginning. I didn't have to know all of the ins and outs of midi plugins to create orchestrated pieces.
Several months ago, I upgraded to Studio One 4 after being hired to do a movie soundtrack. I had already composed few pieces of music in Studio One 2. The music itself was a 32 piece orchestra so it had strings, horns, woodwinds, etc. So after I got Studio One 4 all set up, I moved the first completed piece over from Studio One 2 and was horrified. It was a muddled mess. The instruments were the same but they were all screwed up. I went through and started trying to straighten the mess out, but no matter how I set things up, I could not get back to the sounds that I was getting out of Studio One 2.
Again, keep in mind that I am not a midi guru here. But it seems to me that they changed the orchestral instruments in Studio One 4 and anything in previous versions gets converted. Is this an accurate assumption? It also seems that the orchestral instrumentation in Studio One 4 is not nearly as good quality as previous versions. I ended up just going back to Studio One 2 to finish the soundtrack. I did use 3rd party software for several of the instruments but that shouldn't make much difference should it? But the Studio One 4 instruments lacked compared to Studio One 2.
I have also found several other issues with Studio One 4 that cause me to just shelf it and keep using the earlier versions.
I know that I am probably just not doing something right as I am not really great with DAW software. But I have been able to make high quality music in previous versions of Studio One. I cannot make anything useful in Studio 4. Unless I'm recording real instruments. I find the quality to be pretty much the same. It seems that Studio One 4 has been geared more for Hip Hop mixers and such.
Please hit me up with some input if you could. Maybe point me in a direction.


Re: Studio One 4.1.1 official discussion thread

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 2:42 pm
by Bbd

Your post should really be its own topic with the issues you are describing.
Have you contacted Support about this?
There may be a good number of things you will need to review with them starting with your specs.

After you start a new thread for this, I can remove this post for you from this topic.
Thanks much.


Re: Studio One 4.1.1 official discussion thread

Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:50 am
by Zimmerdylan
Yeah...I wanted to start a new thread but saw no way to do it. I thought that maybe you cannot start a thread unless you have posted a few times first. It's that way on a lot of forums.

Re: Studio One 4.1.1 official discussion thread

Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:33 am
by klypeman
You go to Studio One Forum Community Support and there you can start a new Topic.
Cheers !

Re: Studio One 4.1.1 official discussion thread

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 9:08 pm
by HokumDigital
Hey Man,

Thank you! I have had the exact problem for several months. Fortunately, since I only had one epic track going, I worked-around by disabling/enabling. It was a huge pain and took me far longer to finish, but the track had to get done & out the door.

Then, assuming it was something I had checked in that song, I expected no problems for my new session. Wrong.

I came looking for a solution online knowing that the genpop wouldn't have a clue what I was asking and that my old-timer Nashville pals would just want to tell me about the time Charlie Daniels snuck Jack Daniels into their morning coffee (I.e. "if it's not analog ...").

Some a y'all in here can be a little snarky too!

Anyway, a quick, easy fix to something that might have ruined my day, so thanks a ton.