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Hey guys, I'm a studio one 3.5 and I want to use it to play live since I produce and record in the software, and everything it's great but when I use the arpegiator live whit the click tracks it always give me a little latency that deforms the pattern, I already active the low Z for instruments, i tried on 16 samples, and it's still the same, I don't feel latency when I'm playing but when I have the arpegiator active it's the problem.. maybe it's just the arpegiator can't be use in realtime situations and it's for production only?.. it's anyone who try this ?

Im on a MacBook Pro I7 8ram I use the kontakt arpegiator in realtime so I guess it's not a computer speed problem
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by Tacman7 on Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:44 pm
So you can use the kontakt arpeggiator in real time.

What one doesn't work?

I think has to do with the machine, what it can do and what you're asking of it.

Virtual instruments require processing, if an arpeggiator sends out a lot of notes that can be a lot of processing.

What instrument are you using? Some use a lot more processing than others.

Arpeggiators are the only thing I've found that can crash S1, when you're doing too much etc.

I don't remember having a problem using them realtime, have to have a look.

Have you tried it without low Z?

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