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Hi gang,

Just finished a bout of frustration, that I felt, had to be deferred to Presonus support for the assist. For the most part, I was wrong.
It was me.

As for the issue at hand, about a week ago, Studio One began to load quite slowly, followed by a sudden barrage of CPU spikes and "jittering" playback of the sound. I would soon find out that I had created a ticking "CPU bomb", that eventually reared it's ugly face.
Although, it was discovered that some third party software, as well as some bloat, c/o my computer manufacturer (Dell) were a strain on the CPU; I was the most significant "reason" for my troubles.

In addition to the above reference to finding VSTs (instruments and effects) with more CPU hunger than is comfortable, we also found out something that I did, causing this to occur.

In a song, that I am working on, I used a guitar sample for some rhythmic accompaniment. I found that simple transposition of this polyphonic sample, would be lacking to achieve where I wanted this to go. So, I decided that Melodyne would do the trick better. And it did.

I proceeded to alter the sample and save the result. This new version of the sample would be used Numerous times, so I duplicated the riff . . . many times along this track. After saving, I shut down for the evening.

The next day, when I loaded up Studio One and then the song, containing the newly changed guitar samples, the song took WAY too long to load. I mean . . . LoNg. Then after finally loading, playback was "suddenly" began to hit-the-red spiking And some spikes held the sound and jittered the playback, before releasing and continuing to play smoothly. This would occur Often. This was obviously more than a simple CPU hog, it was a catastrophic ruining of the song's entire playback. Soon, Studio One would do Everything slower. Loading, saving, playing, and even shutting down.

Support asked why I had about 18 instances of Melodyne on the single track. Eighteen?
Yep. :shock: Apparently, I had created, not only duplicates of the new sound, but also of that sounds' Entire make-up. This means, a new instance of Melodyne for Each separate instance of that part. Without merging and consolidating the track into a single altered file and a single instance of Melodyne, I had created the fuse for a CPU bomb. Coupled with other known hogs, already quite the resource users, this was what was needed to cause a complete destruction of my song's playback.

Once the instances of Melodyne were inactivated, the CPU use dropped to where it was supposed to be in as large a song as this. (around 40% in this case) This alone, made the song playable again.

The Moral: when you use Melodyne, more than a few times in a song, be sure to render (merge) the other same files on a track you've changed, down to a single instance of those files. In fact, in doing so, you'll incorporate the Melodyne "into" the new sound and create the desired result that will not require Melodyne as an effect.

Then, you won't have to answer the question of why you have a zillion instances of Melodyne . . . on One track ! Sheesh! :oops:

Just thought I'd share, in hopes you can avoid the same thing I did.

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by gregghart on Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:51 am
Yeah, it's never a good idea to leave Melodyne "live" on a track. I always bounce it when done with my edits. Melodyne is a HUGE hog. It was the same with Sonar also.

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by matthewgorman on Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:03 am
Thanks for the update


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by Lokeyfly on Thu Mar 22, 2018 8:32 pm
Nice of you badnass, to share your experience here. I admittedly leave a few instances of Melodyne in Flux when I'm working out parts, but it's sort of part and parcel with my PC which has been running solid. Going on 5 years with this laptop, but it's been a gem, and I use it solely for music. But I think complements go out to Melodyne, and Presonus for the solid use of ARA and audio design. Heck, while I'm in a complimentary mood, some kudos goes out to the many designed plugins, that work really well from a lot of talented developers. There have been fantastic developments in the world of recording, and music technologies.

It's nice to hear people share in their experience to help others, as apposed to some who would rather play the blame game.

BTW, if I don't bounce immediately, I usually do clean house with Melodyne after 3 to 5 instances. I even go back and repeat many edits without the slightest hint of any noise floor or degradation of tracks. Melodyne always interprets the track in identical fashion. A far cry from the tape world of which I came, and they were expensive machines, I can tell you.

I'm left thankful, and humbled every time I work on a project. On to making music.

Nice post, man.

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