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I wanted to share a "fix" for a problem that some others may have with Studio One and Windows Audio. Being as mobile as some of us are we often edit or make music on the go without an ASIO audio device or maybe for some even when not mobile, using Windows Audio and USB microphones and desktop computer speakers or headphones.

One common problem that seems to be somewhat unique to Studio One is that using Windows Audio as the device can cause certain things to happen on some systems during or afterward like ...

1. No audio. It says "device is in use by another application" even when it's not.
2, Sample rate mismatch warnings and no audio even when there is no mismatch.
3. The inability to play YouTube and Studio One for training or learning.
4. After closing Studio One you have no system audio and only headphones will play, not the laptop speakers

I was able to get rid of all of those issues on my HP laptop by uninstalling this application...


It appears to be the case that this application library for some reason often doesn't release the audio device after Studio One uses Windows Audio, resulting in all of those issues, and only allowing it being cleared or released on a system restart. For those familiar with Windows coding and .Net audio function libraries, they appear to be using the popular NAudio library and I think that's what sometimes is not releasing the audio device when or after Studio One uses it...


If you have that first app on your HP OEM system and have those issues, uninstall it and similarly on other OEM systems if you have those issues and some kind of similar OEM audio app like that, uninstall it. After uninstalling the Bang and Olufsen audio app I've literally had no issues with Studio One and Windows Audio in any case with YouTube or any other app that plays audio during or after using Studio One.

Hope that's useful to some.

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