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I noticed some behavior that if use any MIDI plugin which generate notes (Thesys again, or G8 from plugin alliance, etc) for play on VST synths, then plugins latency compensation does not works.

For reproduce this behavior need create two instrument tracks (and third with midi plugin, respectively).
On first track load synth and create MIDI clip in S1 sequencer.
Create track with Thesys and draw any midi note pattern inside it, and press play.
On second track load synth and assign Thesys to instrument input (instead midi clip). And load to insert of second track any fx vst with big latency (for better audible result of desync)
During playback of both tracks together will be good hear desynchronization, till fx with latency stay in enabled state.

So, it's expected S1 behavior ? Or Bug ?

(I check do the same in Ableton Live - play all properly, ie synchronously.)
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PC Windows 10 64bit, CPU Intel i7-8700, RAM 16gb, Studio one Pro v4 64bit
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by anatolyjbugaichuk on Fri Oct 27, 2017 10:14 pm
Or other more common example - when we use fxpansion tremor or microtonic as midisequecer for other synths (instrument tracks), so what - delay compensation for all effects wich will be load to this tracks (insert or send, no matter) will not works?

PC Windows 10 64bit, CPU Intel i7-8700, RAM 16gb, Studio one Pro v4 64bit
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by niles on Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:39 am
It's a known issue (at least for a few of us).

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by anatolyjbugaichuk on Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:04 pm
Hm, ok, but situation even more strange than i expected.
Even if you simple assign CC modulation from ay midi plugin to some parameter of any plugin in project, then compensation for latency of any vst effect (which have latency) will be ignored.

Just now tried to do that:

1) Make track with vst synth (i take ppg wave 2v), and add midi clip to track.
2) other track with sugarbyte Thesys, which will modulate CC 74 (in ppg wave synth it's Filter Cutoff parameter)
3) Assign Thesys to instrument input of ppg wave track, and press play. We observe properly cutoff modulation in ppg wave during his play.
4) Now, just put to new track any vst FX with latency (better with big latency), so, its can be any of spectral processing plugin, which usually have big latency during large FFT size amount. I take unfiltered audio SpecOps.
So, we just put it to new separate track, and rhythmical picture of ppg wave play fully ruined, ie occurs desync (for cutoff modulation).

So what, it turns out that if we use any midi plugin in Studio One (for modulate something or for note triggering, no matter) - then all vst effects with latency become unusable ? And this is normally ?

But what strange, during this action, the latency amount for all three tracks (in performance monitor section) are show the same (371.5ms in my case). So, logically desync not should occur ? (Bug maybe, or what.)

PC Windows 10 64bit, CPU Intel i7-8700, RAM 16gb, Studio one Pro v4 64bit
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by anatolyjbugaichuk on Sat Oct 28, 2017 6:05 pm
In general, i figured out what happening: the PDC (latency compensation) does not apply to any MIDI events which generate\occurs inside plugins, no matter what is it - outcoming cc modulation or outcoming midi notes.

And if we use one of such tools (cableguys midishaper for modulate some cc in some plugin, or fxpansion tremor for play his midi pattern through other synth, etc) will be enough add to project any FX plugin which has latency (even put it to separate track, without signal processed), to start the out of sync for all tracks which receive mentioned midi, relatively to tracks (synths) which play through standart midi clip from S1 sequencer.

It seems it's all. And it's bad.

PC Windows 10 64bit, CPU Intel i7-8700, RAM 16gb, Studio one Pro v4 64bit
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by dmitrypetrenko on Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:12 am
Faced this problem when using Jamstix 3.6 as a midi engine for other drum modules. Also, I stopped using Jamstix in S1 at all, as in the reverse process - when Jamstix's internal brains are working on external MIDI processing, there is also a desync (even with the quantized sixteenth at zero midi track).

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