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kevinkbell wrote
Robert Johnson III wroteSomeone please mention the "take system" in REAPER! (there is no take system) :roll: S1 has so much going in terms of workflow.

If you are referring to "Take Lanes/Comping", Reaper does have that.

http://www.cockos.com/reaper/files/vide ... omping.mp4

I know…. As said in the video “It’s a little bit messy” (and that is a gross understatement) Manual click and split items in (2017)? No lanes…. and everything in one track? And did I mention save different comping versions? (does not remember alternative splits) But lets not get to much off topic…. :+1 All DAW’s have there strong and weak points….

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by multifederal on Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:24 pm
shanabit wrote
Am I missing something here? Shouldn't a dedicated audio interface give you a lower CPU hit than the internal Mac sound card using a DAW???

In a word... Nup! Core Audio on OSX is genius and was designed specifically to make music with low-latency, and was implemented in OSX years ago. Windows only recently caught-up with the latest incarnation of WASAPI in Windows 10, so that Windows can now match ASIO.

The benefit of ASIO is just that - Application Specific In-Out - all down to the drivers, in the case of Windows such drivers are now implemented natively, so there's no necessity to use an external audio card now, which is right up my alley, because I do EDM and never use external instruments, but the need for low-latency meant I needed an external audio interface, which reduced portability and added weight to my portable setup (and annoyingly, used-up another USB port). Now with WASAPI I can throw the external audio interface in the bin where it belongs Lol. My vocals are done on a hybrid Mic/recorder, so I don't need preamps or inputs for it, I just drag the vocal file from the Mic to the laptop.
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by davidrankin on Sat Feb 03, 2018 6:35 pm
gadget69 wrotePersonally I think it's tone. You don't offer anything helpful or specific that is on topic. Yes, you offer a backhanded "comment" about Studio one that doesn't offer any solutions. The moderators here are simply trying to keep this from becoming a "Gear Slutz" type of negative environment because there are all ages here and Presonus has provided rules and guidelines that you blatantly disregard on a nearly daily basis. Perhaps if you adopted the spirit with which the forum was designed around you wouldn't find your posts impinged upon?

Awaiting the Apocalypse...

I personally learn a lot from these forums. I've only been doing this for 9 months and have grown leaps and bounds. You are right about the tone. Video game forums are the worst and I don't want to have to weed through these discussions to find constructive feedback. I always find answers here.
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by sebastianteister on Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:35 am
- Click on the CPU-meter
- Show 'devices' (sorry, German client)
- Identify the plugin with high CPU
(for me it was Ampire, sucks 50% up even while not playing)
- Solo the channel
- Adjust FX until sound is right
(Disable Reverb/Delay, add it later)
- Set loop around the sound
- Menu -> Song/Export Mix -> Loop Section -> OK
(Leave the default directory)
- Insert new SampleOne
- Drag the export from the files browser/Your Song/Mixdown
- Copy hall-FX to new channel
- Remove 'bad' channel
- have fun

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>>> PLEASE Sidechaining for the Multiband Dynamics PLEASE <<<
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by PreAl on Mon Dec 17, 2018 3:54 pm
Plugins are of course a major factor or the major factor. Regardless my OS and hardware is heavily optimised, I'm not running a huge powerhouse.

I do notice Studio One performance is just about acceptable but compared to other DAWs I've run on it's performance is lacking. So I agree Presonus devs should take a big look at code and performance optimisation. Maybe they can do a release that only concentrates on this.

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