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Hi all,

If I export MIDI from Notion that is using East West keyswitches, typically in the C0-C1 etc. range, or, at least outside the playable range for the instrument, then those keyswitches are not showing up in Studio One Pro 3 when I import the MIDI. The notes are there, the velocity changes are there, but the keyswitch notes are not.

It's not a problem with the exported MIDI because the keyswitch notes are showing up just fine in Pro Tools and Logic Pro X, but I don't want to work in those but S1. ;)

Not sure why Studio One is missing these. Any idea?

(Running the latest versions of both Notion 5 and S1 Pro 3 on Yosemite).

Derek Jones
MacBook Pro 17" 16GB,15" 12GB,Sierra, MacBook 13",12GB HighSierra. SSD,Windows 7 64 8GB RAM, Win 10 64 Pro 64GB RAM, i-7-8700@3.2GHz
Notion 6.5.470, Studio One 3.5 & 4.X
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