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I’m using Studio One 5 with a Studio 192 and recently acquired a Roland Fantom 08. What I’m hoping to do is use Audio over USB from the Fantom with multi channel support as an input to S1 while using the Studio 192 as my output to multiple monitors.

Scenario is for both recording and live performance. Being able to play a recorded sequence from the Fantom while playing other acoustic electric instruments plugged into the S192. The advantage over just using analog stereo output from the Fantom is being able to track multiple instruments from the Fantom to individual tracks in S1.

But…I can’t seem to do this as S1 only appears to support one usb audio source at a time. I can’t have both the Fantom and the S192 working in concert. I can’t even setup the Fantom as an “in” and S192 as an “out” via the i/o settings.

Using Win 11 and Roland driver set to “vendor”. Windows sees the driver with all its USB and MIDI inputs.

Is this possible with S1? What am I missing? Thanks
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by matthewgorman on Tue Apr 26, 2022 8:12 pm
More of a windows thing than a S1 thing. Its unsupported, but using asio4all as the driver, you can set up 2 devices like that. Its a workaround that may have poor results, but if you can get it working you should be ok.

Macs let you configure 2 devices like you want.


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by jyarnold on Wed Apr 27, 2022 2:06 pm
Thanks Matthew, I wonder if I should be investigating Ableton live for use with the Fantom and if I’d be losing too many features for the s192 going that route for a DAW.

I’ll play around more with using Windows audio with S1 but this shouldn’t be this hard and crippled IMO
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by jyarnold on Tue May 03, 2022 4:50 pm
Got audio over usb from the Fantom working and it works great!

Not sure why my initial tests failed, coulda been a windows driver issue, dunno, but I’m now able to send all Fantom channels to S1 and sound quality is great.

Once I’m ready to record analog tracks to the S192 I need to change the audio device away from the Fantom to the S192 but all is working. But…would be nice if S1 on Windows 11 supported multiple audio devices simultaneously. Not sure if it’s a limitation of studio one or Windows 🤷‍♂️

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