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Wonder if any Studiolive 3 owners have had this issue.

I have a new Studiolive III 32R mixer, updated to latest firmware. I have set the sampling frequency to 44.1 on the mixer and on capture software. Connected via USB. I was able to record on a channel through a mic input. However during playback, with Digital playback selected I inadvertently left the channel armed and got terrible feedback. I dis-armed the channel played it back and it sounded correct but the board will not show any signal on any channel. The faders are still responsive to UC Surface control but the board will not recognize any input on any channel.

I tried all of the following in this order:

1. Turn off mixer and restart, mixer would still not work
2. Reboot MAC (running latest Big Sur), mixer would still not respond
3. Did another firmware update (even though it said "firmware is up to date do you want to do it again"), Mixer would still not work
4. Did a factory reset, updated to latest firmware, reset Sampling frequency back to 44.1 Hz. Mixer works but it would not restore my mixer settings I had been saving. Kept saying "legacy screen need to be converted" and I have no legacy screens, so I lost my settings.

Once I did factory reset I had to rebuild all my mixer settings again. What do I do to save settings so they can be restored in the future?

Any ideas why this is happening? I am on the fence of sending the mixer back.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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by wahlerstudios on Mon Apr 05, 2021 7:25 pm
When you want to play a reorded track back to the mixer, you have to set the input source of that channel to USB. For recording and live sound input source must be set to Analog.

UC Control is the "connector" of mixer and computer/software and Capture actually also uses UC Control to "identify" the mixer in use. When you launch Capture, wait a few seconds until you see a small picture of your mixer model on the start page. Only then Capture can start in the configuration you need.

Mixer settings are stored in a project, which hosts one scene or several scenes. Both need to be stored separately. If you store the project, the scene will not be stored automatically. You can copy a project in UC Surface to the "local" device, which can be a tablet or a computer. This is also the way to "transport" settings to another mixer.

Hope this helps.

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