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Two Minor Annoyances...

Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 10:09 am
by Lawrence
... for public discussion in the event that most disagree.

The file attachment process gets me every single time. I always click "Add The File" and close it when I'm actually intending to open a dialog to add a file. Even though it's obviously both graphically and textually correct (a folder icon for opening a file and the "Add The File" button for the upload), I still always click that button on the right by mistake when I'm trying to open the file browser.

    Question: I wonder if that button being relabeled "Upload File" might help to cure my Alzheimers. :lol:

    Question (alt): I wonder if it's possible in that case (no file entered yet) to just stay there and tell the user that there is no valid file there yet.

The colors also bite me in the keister. I select a range of text, then hit the "color" button to open the color choices to color that text, and the text gets deselected. I keep forgetting to wait to select the text - after - opening the color choices.

    Question: I wonder (with a bb setup option or something) if it's at all possible for text selections to persist through the opening of the color choices.

    Question (alt): I wonder if it's possible to option the color choices to just always be open when editing, via a user control panel option.

Thanks for listening.