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Hey, out there I'm real new at this, so please bare with me. I have a studio 8 board with USB and SDHC recording card nice stuff, My problem is that I want to record the"room", you should hear my drum kit! And the bass too.
I have use a lot of gain to record the guitar, I've moved the pin mic to pickup the amp, that's has nice tone too, but I lose the over head on the kit to do this as I'm out of 48 volt inputs. I always input limited, I do have another board, Stagg with the same stuff except the card, it has a USB connection can I plug up the 2 with USB connection? I'm a little afraid to connect the 2 with the USB cable. Any ideas on these questions? ;)
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by matthewgorman on Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:45 am
USB devices can't be combined like firewire devices can. I'm still not sure what product you have to be able to recommend an option for expanding channel counts.


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