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New Registrations put your first name and last name together to make your username.

There have been questions about whether or not usernames can be changed.

NOTE: If you have a number after your name (JohnDoe1 or SusieSmith2), that means you already had an registered account (that you perhaps forgot you had?) and you've selected a social media login (FaceBook, Google or LinkedIn) that had a different email address than your original account that is associated with your same name. You end up with multiple accounts. New accounts are created with your first name and last name with a number after it.

Since we don't know your identities, there's no way for us to associate your different emails together in your account. . Only way to link them together is to have the same email address across all your social media accounts before you login for the first time with those accounts, however once you've logged in, then the confusion starts. This becomes a problem if you purchase or register products in separately in each account especially if you have add-ons for Studio One.

If you think you've arrived at this point and / or just want to change your username, to reslove this, will need to submit a support request to have your username changed. Usernames will change for both your and forum accounts.

:idea: If you just want to hide your username. There is an option in the User Control Panel to hide your username. You can't hide it from the Admins or the moderators, this is a possible solution for those that don't want their usernames to be visible to the masses.

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OVERVIEW of how to get your issue fixed or the steps to create a SUPPORT TICKET.
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