Includes StudioLive 312Ai, 315Ai 328Ai and SL18sAi
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Metering in SL Room Control with 312AI's works fine on iPad. Intermittent metering with speakers connected via wi-fi and a wired Ethernet connection from router to PC (Win 8.1). Uninstalled programme. Restarted. Reinstalled programme. Still inconsistent metering on PC. I get meters when first connecting to speakers but they go away after a couple of seconds never to return.

Speaker firmware has been updated.



i9-9900K running at 5GHz with H115iPro, 16GB DDR4-3200 CAS14 RAM, Twin Samsung 970 Pro NVMe drives, Win10 Pro. Studio One 4 Pro. Studio 192 interface with a Digimax FS converting outboard preamps.
Completed build:

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