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hi there. just bought a 16.4.2 AI and i'm right at the bottom of the learning curve. one of the features of our old mackie mixer was that it allowed an analog footswitch to be used to bypass the fx. great for the singer, so he could remotely turn the fx on and off when he wanted to speak/sing. i'm wondering if this is at all possible on the studiolive. the singer will be using QMix-UC, but i can't test it, because it's not supported by my ancient iphone and looking at the manual, it says nothing about fx levels/mute. is there a creative solution to this?

many thanks!
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by wahlerstudios on Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:50 am
The AI console has four effects (two reverbs, two delays), which sends can be muted on the console. If you route the effect returns to the subgroups, you can mute and fade effects there.

As far as I know QMix has no FOH control, which means that nobody using QMix can do anything on the effects. The effect sends/returns are simply not visible. QMix was not created for FOH mix, just for personal mixes. A good alternative is UC Surface running on a tablet with FOH permission. When you click on the arrow in the lower right corner, you get access to the mute buttons of the four effect sends.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your 1642AI and welcome to the Forum!

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