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SL Room Control managing speakers and network glitches

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:04 am
by bubbaguth
I am experiencing two issues at times. Both of which I think are caused when there are network glitches and the cabinet's/SL Room Control become unhappy and strange things happen.

Here is what I know:
1. I have multiple AI cabinets connected via wireless dongle.
2. Each speaker is assigned a name (1, 2, 3, Sub 1, Sub 2, etc.).
3. A network problem happens (router goes off-line, Mac is connected to different networks via wireless/wired, WAP signal is weak).

I can't MAKE it happen, but it happens frequently enough where it's becoming a big issue, perhaps which even includes taking the speaker out until it's power cycled. To the best of knowledge, I have correlated the issue occurring happening when the networks changes, or has problems. These cabinets have been out for awhile and no one has reported this issue so I have tried to figure it out and manage it on my own and I still can't figure out a way to work around it.

Here is what happens:
- Speakers get confused and duplicate names appear in SL Room Control, so for instance, now I will have 2 speakers with the name "1" and a 328 named "Sub 1.
- The 100Hz filter sometimes turn on when the speaker has assumed the name of another speaker in some cases.
- Can't be certain of the following, but keeping an eye on it:
1. It's possible that a cabinet that assumes the name of another cabinet is changing DSP to the group that the original named speaker is a part of (this is a huge deal!!).

2. There are some cases where the speaker becomes inoperable (no sound/no control) until it's power cycled. This has happened to me twice now in the past few months where a speaker simply stops functioning. I think it's related to this issue and again, this is a huge deal!!

In full disclosure, I have now realized that I have a router that is acting up and I am working on figuring out that problem. Regardless, the app/speakers should be resilient enough to withstand network glitches and not cause a host of other problems. My guess is that the app/cabinets programming was written and tested in a perfect world and others would not even see the problem until they have a network issue. I do have a support ticket open pending a response, but I thought I would throw this out here just in case anyone has experienced this and/or has a solution.

I run SL Room Control on a Mac.

Re: SL Room Control managing speakers and network glitches

Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:50 am
by Karyn
The only issue I've ever had with room control was when I accidentally ran 2 instances, one on McBook and one on iPad. It doesn't like that.

Re: SL Room Control managing speakers and network glitches

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:40 am
by bubbaguth
Just in case anyone has a similar experience....

I was able to work through this issue with PreSonus. Setting my DHCP lease times on my router from 24 hours to 70 minutes was the core solution. This solution applies to if you are having similar problems or speakers dropping connected via wi-fi.