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Hi Guys
I am looking at using a DBX PA2 to control my 2 x 328AI tops and 2 x 18SAI subs
If you look at this video is mentions PEQ settings at 4 mins 49 seconds
What are the PEQ settings for my speakers ?

Any help is greatly received as presonus tech support cant help !!!!!
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by Karyn on Fri Jul 08, 2016 6:46 am
The simple answer is that you don't need that DXB unit at all. Your 328 tops and 18s subs are packed full of DSP designed to do what that DBX unit does, and more... They are pre-programmed to work together at the push of a button.

The DBX PA2 is a "smart" crossover meant for "dumb" amps or self powered, but "dumb" speakers. The PEQ settings you're asking about are basically the frequency response of the individual speaker drivers that you're programming into the DBX so it can make allowance for a less than flat frequency response across the full speaker stack.


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