Includes StudioLive 312Ai, 315Ai 328Ai and SL18sAi
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I am using my Mac to run room control, when I try to set up groups it will only allow me to put one speaker in a group. I have read the manual and done every step. Any ideas maybe a setting on my mac or a setting in the soft ware?? I have two 328AI's and 1 18sAI. I am not yet using the Ai mixer does that make a difference??
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by PreSonuSupt2 on Thu Oct 01, 2015 9:52 am

I'd recommend a firmware recovery on each of the speakers to ensure they are all on the same version of firmware.

***NOTE: Only do this to the speaker in question as each speaker has its own firmware files. Putting incorrect files onto different speakers can damage your unit. ***

You will need to download the firmware from your user account at to your computer. I recommend using the v5959 version. Make very certain which firmware is going onto each speaker.

1) Look for the zip file in your downloads folder.

2) You will need to Unzip the folder and find the files inside the containing folder. There should be 4 files present:

- initvars.scr
- recovery.scr
- rootfs.img
- uImage

3) Using a clean USB Flash Drive formatted as FAT32, load the 4 files onto the root of the drive. There must not be any other files or folders on the USB Flash drive and the files cannot be in a folder either.

4) Power off the speaker and remove the WiFi dongle if it is inserted.

5) Insert the USB flash drive containing the recovery files

6) Then hold down any button on the back of the speaker while powering the speaker on and continue to hold the button for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the button should be released.

7) The Firmware Recovery process will take approximately 10-12 minutes. During this time, the lights on the front and back of the speaker will flash. Once the Firmware Recovery is complete, the lights on the front and back of the speaker will all go solid.

8) Power off the speaker and remove the USB flash drive. Reinsert the WiFi dongle if it was previously inserted and then power the speaker back on.

At this point, the speaker should have the latest firmware and should boot as normal. Make sure you can pass audio through the speaker and that it sounds as expected. If you are using SL Room Control, verify the correct firmware version shows up in the Speaker Edit Page for the speaker that just received a Firmware Recovery.

You will need to connect via ethernet cable initially to reassign the network settings in Room Control as the recovery will erase them.

Let me know if that works or not.
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by basmeijer on Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:04 pm
Re-using this older topic because I have a similar experience.

At a customer I have 4x SL312AI tops and 2x SL18sAI subs. I have used the system twice now and it working great, except fpr the networking part.
Each performance my time to play with the speakers is limited and the last time I succeeded to put the latest (or the the one that I have) of the firmware on the tops and subs. Which is v5959. That went allright, I guess. I mean I followed the instructions and they still work... :lol:
Have to find out the next time how to check this.

Just before the first set of the concert I was able to enter the WiFi name and password in the 3 speakers of the left side of the stage - because my network cable was in this area to hardwire the speaker to the switch. That worked like a breeze. I disconnected the Ethercon cable of the last speaker and repowered the AI speakers. And voilá, All 3 speaker visable in Room Control. Note: I did this one by one because I had one long Ethercon cable.

But after the show's last set, when I could walk over the stage with my Ethercon cable again, things started to get hairy. I performed the same WiFi initialisation, but when I was ready I ended up with one speaker of the last right part of the PA, loosing the other side. So basically 5 speakers were missing and everything was switched on with WiFi dongles.

What could have gone wrong?
Was it because the other speakers were still on, also being connected but wirelessly and the one I working on wired?
Also, it was very unclear which AI speaker the wireless accesspoint setting window was referring to!
Any advice how to proceed the next time when I have the change to shortly work with the set? Which unfortunately be in weeks.

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