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Noisy channels on Firestudio 2626 and Digimax FS

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 6:56 pm
by floydking
Hello, has anyone else have firestudio either FS2626 or Digimax FS with noticeable low freq noise in some channels.
My FS2626 channels 4 and 5 are noise. See attached picture. Other channels are OK.
Digimax FS has similar problem - some channels worse than others.
The waves in the photo are amplified 48 db.
This noise can show up in quiet places in the mixdown.
Don't think it is AC power supply noise but think it is from the internal power supply circuits.
The interval of the noise wave is approx 700 ms so the frequency is about 1.5 HZ. Very low freq.

I don't have a second FS2626 or Digimax FS to check if they have the same bad and good channels.
FS2626 bad channels are 4 and 5. Digimax bad/worse channels are lower numbered channels aka 1-4 for example. Higher numbers are not so bad.
Thanks for reading this far!