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Hallo Studio One Community,

wie bereits gleich nach dem Major-Release angekündigt, gibt es nun das das erste Wartungsupdate für alle Versionen von Studio One 3. Alle Verbesserungen und Fixes findet ihr hier unten in den Release-Notes oder bei Euch im Account im Document.

beste Grüße


Studio One 3 – Version History and Release Notes
Version 3.0.1 Release Notes (Jun 30, 2015):

This document lists all Studio One 3 maintenance updates and their included fixes and improvements.

New features and improvements:

• Italian localization added
• Updated reference manual with improved layout and navigation
• New teaser Sound Set “Prime Selection Loops and Sounds” for all versions
• USB installation support for optional USB thumb drive

• Multi-touch support for 3rd party plug-ins
• Multi-touch support for context menus
• Multi-touch vertical zooming improvements
• Improved multi-touch performance
• Change: TUIO support now disabled by default
• Improved visibility of selected events
• Improved toolbar button alignment (optimized for smaller screens)
• Improved automation curve handling
• Support for Studio One Remote and PreSonus CS18ai moving fader controller
(UCNET remote)

The following issues have been fixed:

• Mixer fader size changes when adding tracks
• Fader height jumps when double-clicking main output channel in mix console
• Mix console fader size not saved in expanded view
• Mix console output tabs not keeping size when showing/hiding

• [OSX, Windows 8.1] Crash on quit
• [OS X] Magic Trackpad issues when zooming
• Studio One 3 professional not opening (stuck on startup)

• [Mai Tai] Recurring audio engine lock-up when auditioning presets
• [Presence XT] Disk streaming lost in certain conditions
• [Presence XT] Presets not showing after Sound Set installation
• [Multi Instrument] Missing files dialog not opening
• [Multi Instrument] plug-in delay compensation and sync problems
• [Multi Instrument] Crash on using mouse wheel on Macro Control knob

• [Browser] Search sometimes omits characters
• [Browser] Double-click in search result doesn’t start preview playback

• [Project Page] no track selected when opening project
• Deselecting songs on Project Page disables zoom options
• Crash with CD burning engine
• [Multi Touch] Double-tapping screen in Music Editor can create ghost notes

• Ampire XT sometimes crashes when switching between mono and stereo
• Crash with Waves side-chain plug-in and Splitter in Extended FX Chains
• Redraw issues with Waves plug-ins
• Windows HiDPI issues with Fab Filter Pro-Q2
• Text input not working with Native Instruments VST2 plug-in
• Several plug-in UI label issues
• Bitcrusher missing in Studio One 3 Artist
• Compressor auto-speed option causes audio distortion
• Side-chain compression lost when rendering Instrument Tracks

• “Replace FX Chain” dialog not updated after replacing preset
• Extended FX Chains can cause unwanted phasing
• Tape-style monitoring not working properly with zero latency monitoring
• Reference manual viewer not restored properly when minimized

• Arranger Track not copying time signature
• Editing automation curves sometimes jumpy
• Automation not following when dragging event to Scratch Pad
• Automation points and lines sometimes disappearing randomly

• Macro Toolbar icons size reduced when opening
• Tooltip tracking broken in song I/O setup matrix
• Activation “Refresh” button not working with touch screen
• Sending timecode with active Scratch Pad causes application to freeze
• élastique PRO Solo mode causes track bounce to stall
• Wrong focus track in editor
• Certain MIDI files truncated on import

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PreSonus Software Ltd. - Hamburg

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