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Studio One Feature Requests Update

Change Is Good
    - We wanted to bring all the ideas into a single site that scales the requests in a simple easy solution.
    - A voting system was the highest requested feature in the website forum feedback area
    - Also Requested by the developers, product managers, support staff and forum mods

What is needed to Ask A Question or Vote?
    - A registered copy of Studio One Artist or Professional is required to ask questions and vote.
    - The developers have committed to reviewing the feature request area on a regular basis.

Moving your Feature Requests to a new home
    - We did not move any Feature Requests from the Studio One Feature Requests forum to the new site.
    - Manual migration was not done primarily because we want that the original posters to be credited with their submission.
    - Now is a time to take a look at what you've posted previously, rethink it and post it with any added information.
    - Re-post your feature request there if it has not already been asked.
    - Link back to your original forum post if needed for additional information.
    - Please do a search before posting. If it exists, then vote for it and add any additional information you feel is needed.

Get Out and Vote!
    - Please vote on everything you see in the Studio One Features site.
    - The developers need to know what you're most interested in.
    - You can only vote once (Per Request) and you can change your vote if you change your mind.
    - Voting does get you points. Up votes gets points, Down votes loses points
    - Review the point system for the Answers site here.
    - Leave supporting comments under the issues you are voting for.
    - View user dashboards, to see questions asked, answered, voted, etc.

How to See What's Hot and What's Not
    - There are different ways to sort the questions.
    - Click on Questions first in the title menu.
    - Click the category "Studio One Feature Requests".
    - There are sub categories that can be selected below the main header menu for further refinement.

    - This sub-forum is now locked for archival purposes.
    - This sub-forum will remain in the forum legend until March 31st
    - After April 1st, the Feature Request Forum Archive will be available in the Studio One Index only.

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