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Studio Monitors
Feed - Eris
Discuss Eris E4.5, E5, E8, E44 and E66 here
Feed - Eris 2nd Gen
Eris 2nd Gen
Discuss the new 2nd Generation Eris Studio Monitors
Feed - Sceptre
Discuss Sceptre S6 and S8 here
Feed - Temblor Series
Temblor Series
Temblor T10 and Temblor T8
Feed - R Series
R Series
Discuss R65 and R80 Series here
Feed - Ceres 3.5 / 4.5 BT Speakers
Monitoring Interfaces and Headphones
Feed - Monitor Station and Central Station Series
Monitor Station and Central Station Series
Discuss Monitor Station V2 and Monitor Station (Legacy)
Central Station and Central Station Plus
MicroStation BT
Feed - HP60, HP4 and Headphones
HP60, HP4 and Headphones
Headphone Monitoring HP60, HP4 and HP2
Headphones including Eris HD10BT, HD9, HD7 and others found in the bundles can be discussed here
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