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Step recording and tempo changes (and a few other bits) in Studio One
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I'm in the process of migrating from Cubase SX3 to Studio One. I have to say that I'm loving the drag and drop features of Studio One and the fact that so many of the keyboard commands are identical to those of Cubase. I have a few niggles however .....

1) I cannot seem to find any way of step-recording in Studio One. I find this particular feature in Cubase very handy, particularly for doing things like hi-hats or 16ths on a tamborine. Is there any way of doing this in Studio One.

2) I find that changing tempos with Studio One is very hit and miss at present, particularly if you want to create a "ramp" for increasing or decreasing tempos. Are there any plans to upgrade/ improve this feature in the future?

3) According to the Studio One manual, it says that you can open Cubase files, but when I navigate to the location of my Cubase file, the Presonus file browser cannot "see" the *.cpr file. What's the story there?

Anyways, enough of the negatives; Studio One is a great working environment for someone like myself whose main work involves putting together midi-backing tracks for my bar-duo and who doesn't really require all the bells & whistles that something like Pro-Tools has to offer. Congrats on a great new product!

Kind regards,

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