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Can I get some of my ITunes songs to record thru the Studio One software on my computer?
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if so, how do you get it to work?

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What do you mean record thru? You can drag any song you want out of itunes onto your desktop then pull it into studio one from the browser within Studio one, if you are wanting to play along within S1
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I don't think "protected" iTunes files (files actually purchased from Apple) can be played anywhere but from iTunes... or an iPod / iPhone. Or with Quicktime if the system is "authorized" to play them from iTunes. I have some iTunes mp4 movies on my drive for example (HBO Rome) and they won't import into Studio One or any other daw.

OP: Go into iTunes and try to convert them to mp3. Not sure exactly how (or if) that's done but I do know you can burn song from the iTunes store to CDR from iTunes and I think they'll be ordinary (unprotected) mp3 at that point... so you may have to burn them to a CD to get them unprotected.

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I use a program called Switch Sound File Converter. It was a free download, and I use it to convert flac files, as well as pull purchased items from iTunes into mp3s so that I can burn them to disc. Just tried with a few things and got them into S1, no problem. Just need to convert first.
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I'm sure there is a better way, but I just connect the Ipod to the interface and record the song on a track, then edit as needed, mix down and save it, then convert it with Cakewalk Pyro to whichever format I need. But yeah, importing it would be so much easier.

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iTunes itself will make MP3s out of purchased songs, as long as they're "iTunes Plus" format. Just set up the encoder in the Preference page and then right-click the song and choose "Make MP3 version"
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iTunes has an "convert to MP3" or "convert to .wav". I've used this and imported the audio into Pro Tools. I'm sure you can do this with Studio One Pro.

The other work around is to burn the songs to a disk as Audio CD then rip them off the disk as .wav, and import them into S1. Typically I use this since iTunes is on THIS PC, and not my DAW PC.

Or you can save money and just buy the songs from as MP3s. Amazon downloader will put them into your iTunes library. All songs are DRM free. And cheaper than iTunes. They're minimum of 256 kHz and at my age I can't tell the difference. They're still clearer sounding than the old vinyls I've got.

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what i did is to use soundfllower (is a free program that can route audio internally), then assign the main output of my computers (in my case my laptop's speakers) to soundflwer 2channel (from system preferences>sound>output, is a mac), then, in S1 i make the input to be soundflower 2 channel and VOILA!! you can record your tune so that your DAW can reproduce
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what format types does S1 support?
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