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Studio One v2 with an SL 16.4.2 AI
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I've read about the integration between Studio One and the AI mixers. I'm looking forward to trying it out starting tomorrow when my AI arrives. Question: If I set up and record a live mix on the SL with (2) reverbs and (2) delays, and the FX A-D assigned to Subs 1-4, will Studio One also set up a matching mix with (4) FX sends already inserted on the channels, routed to automatically-created submasters, and the FX mix levels pre-set to match the SL? It would be incredible to be able to set up a great SL mix, then have everything about it translate directly to Studio One for mix down later.

Update: Okay...I just read in the AI features that the FX sends will automatically construct in Studio One! As for the sub masters, Studio One creates a sub master for each send anyway, so it's automatic. If the FX on the mixer aren't sent to the subs though, and maybe vocals or drums are, I wonder if subs will be set up for those.

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