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FireStudio Project - I/O Distortion (bitcrusher)
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I am getting what sounds like a bitcrusher (digital) distortion on both input and output after a little while of use (typically about 15 - 30 min). It seems like it might be some software or driver issue because if I change the mode or buffer size it will usually go back to being clear for a few minutes before starting to distort again. It happens in all modes (Low Latency, Normal, Safe Mode 1, Safe Mode 2) and all buffer sizes. It also seems to be limited to Windows, although I haven't tested it extensively in OSX.

I'm primarily using it to capture the audio channels while I'm streaming game play on so while I would like to keep latency reasonable, I'm not monitoring from it so it doesn't impact me very much. I think it might be an issue with Microsoft's DirectSound driver? Any insight on this would be very helpful as sometimes it only impacts my output and I don't know it's distorting until people in-channel tell me that my mic is distorted.

Lastly I did have a hardware issue with my FSP where it would flicker or flash the sync led at a fast rate on boot and would emit an audible static noise pulsing at the same speed when any speakers were connected. I thought it was out of warranty at the time and I was busy with other projects so it just sat unused for a couple years. I finally decided to send it in to have it serviced under the flat rate repair once I needed it again and PreSonus fixed it free of charge. When I got it back it worked fine (though I was only using it within OSX at the time). When I setup bootcamp to handle PC gaming until I build a new PC I started to notice this issue.

Thanks for any help.

P.S. I'll try to capture a stream to disc after the holidays to give you an example of the issue.

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I have a similar problem on Windows 7/64, sometimes the sound get distorded.
I'm suspecting the Flash player because everytime I kill it and eventually the Web browser, the sound becomes normal.

I don't think I've got the problem with only Ableton Live.

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Looks like the universal control 1.72 corrected this issue, finally !

Thanks guys for correcting this annoying issue !
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