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SL Remote connects with adhoc network but not over building wifi...please help
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I have a mac mini connected to the Studiolive console (16.4.2). I am able to get the iPad's SL Remote app to connect without a problem if I configure the iPad to source an adhoc network. However, if I let both the iPad and the Mini connect to the building wifi, SL remote can't see the console. I've checked all the basic networking stuff (iPad and Mini are on the same subnet wifi and the same subnet, network support guy swears there's no port blocking going on). In case it matters, the building wifi is using WPA2 and I believe there are multiple frequencies for the network I'm using. I can't imagine why either of these things would matter.

Any suggestions? Is there something else I can try? Given that I can connect using the adhoc network, I'm assuming there can't be any issues with the SL Remote software or what's running on the mac mini. Is there something I need to do in the config of either software to allow them to talk on a different network? It still appears to me that a router/switch that's between the iPad and mini is blocking the packets, but, like I said, this is contrary to the info I have.

Sorry if this has been covered before. I did a search but didn't find anything that seemed to match my issue.
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