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DPC latency in Windows 8
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Janusz Grzybek

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DPC Latency Checker (v.1.30) shows very high DPC latency (average 1000 microseconds) in Windows 8. This is results of changes in Windows 8 kernel related to power saving features, but it is not influence on audio production. So please, do not worry about high DPC latency values in DPC Latency Checker. Instead DPC Latency Checker, you could use Resplendence LatencyMon v.5. They already updated this tool due changes in Win kernel and LatencyMon is fully compatible with Win 8. Current LatencyMon version has 2 monitoring options "Kernel timer latency" (used with Win 7 and older) and "Interrupt to user process latency" (used with Win 8 ).

Recently I found small freeware tool "DPC Latency Enhancer" made by Snithson Martin (developers of DAW controllers for touchscreens). This tool could decrease DPC latency (during tests it decreased DPC latency on my PC from average 120 microseconds to 30 microseconds). So if you encounter DPC latency issues, you could try this tool. If you would like download it, you need fill form on this website and find it in software download tree (in Free Tools node). Free version display nag screen at start up, and you need click button for hide it.


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thanks for that!
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Excellent. I have a discontinued audio device so I'll try that and see if my latency issue goes away.
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